It's time to talk about healthy cooking! I've been doing some work with my own diet of late to try to bring it under control, so this week on the show is all about healthy cooking, from tips that you can find below and hear in This Week In Food, to the three recipes I'll be talking about in this week's episode for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They all turned out fantastic, and I hope you enjoy them!

Next week is the random recipe challenge III, and the post is already live over in the facebook group for you to submit ingredients you'd like to see me incorporate into a recipe. In two weeks we've got our season two finale, with

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My healthy cooking tips!

~ Portion control versus eating control. It's less about what you eat than about how much of it you are eating. I don't eat relatively unhealthy as it is, but I eat some decent portions.

~ Know what you're drinking. A lot of drinks add a ton of calories to your daily intake. Cut out things like soda completely, don't substitute it for diet sodas, which are full of chemicals instead of sugar and the body stores it like fat anyway. Coffee drinks, etc from Starbucks? Gah.

~ Indulging. DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF. While some may have the willpower to walk away from something forever, chances are if you deprive yourself from something you will inevitably cave and add it back to your diet. Instead, allow yourself a small indulgence here and there. If you love ice cream, don't give it up... have a cup of ice cream every couple weeks just to enjoy it.

~ Make more from scratch. Store-bought anything usually has preservatives in it, and typically either a ton of sodium, sugar, or both. Even when you want to make things like pie, don't buy store-bought pie filling. Fresh tastes better too! I probably spend half of my money in the grocery store (outside of the beer aisle, haha) in the produce and meat sections.

~ Substitute where practical, and pace yourself. Losing weight and being a better you isn't just a quick sprint. It's a marathon! Reduce one thing here, one thing there. This week for the recipe of the week I decided to make a cauliflower puree instead of mashed potatoes. Lower calories and carbs. I've decided to stop using white sugar and use honey for sweetening instead. That way I'm not cutting things cold turkey that would cause me to regress, I'm just adapting and helping make some reductions.

~ Fitness, fitness, fitness. Get out there and exercise! This will help boost your metabolism and energy and help keep you going throughout the day.

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